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The Fault in Our Stickers

Dear Reader,

The book world is abuzz with talk about John Green’s latest book, and now movie, The Fault in Our Stars. I’ve read it. It’s good. But there is a danger here…

Water is bad for stickers.

I repeat.

Water is bad for stickers.

As you’re probably already well aware, Green’s book is a bit of a tearjerker. And usually, because of my sticky situation, I avoid sad things like the plague. However, my friends at the Nashville McKay’s are having a Book Club in a few weeks to discuss this very piece, and I refuse to be left out. So, I did what any self-respecting sticker would do and read it.

But the consequences of this were nearly catastrophic. By the end of the book I had become a squishy, mushy, sticky glob of wet stickers. I would post pictures of my soggy state, but I learned long ago that you cannot un-see what you have already seen. I will save you from that harsh reality by keeping those images to myself.

And I must say, this book was well worth the occupational hazard. The characters are believable and endearing, and I never once felt like Green was trying too hard to make the book sad. It’s sad because sometimes life is sad. And there is something really beautiful about that. Even just thinking about it now is causing me to tear up a little. Quick! A joke!

-Do you know why the librarian slipped and fell?
-Because she went walking in the Non-Friction section!

Whew. That was close.

As I was saying… the book is wonderful. The movie adaptation is also supposed to be wonderful. And I am thoroughly looking forward to talking about it at the store. But to all of my paper friends and fans out there: be prepared if you decide to undertake reading this book. I recommend wearing a rain coat. Learn from my mistakes. I know I have.