Meet the Authors

Below is a list of authors and contributors to our site.

Sticker BallSticker Ball “SB” – Sticker Ball is a literal ball of McKay’s stickers. He has been anthropomorphized by the employees of McKay’s, who give him a voice and write about his adventures. Sticker Ball loves traveling, movies, books, video games, and orbs of all kinds. He enjoys being personified by his creators and looks forward to the many ways he will be photo-shopped in the future.

bex Becky Conway Book lover, bass player, hobby dabbler.


Eliza G
Eliza G. – When she is not being a responsible adult and working at McKay’s, Eliza fills her time with numerous creative pursuits including:  jewelry-making, etching, and crocheting. When she’s not crafting, reading, writing or plotting to take over the world, you’ll probably find her napping with her dogs.

tylerTyler M. Watts – I’m a bookbuyer at McKay’s in Nashville. I’m a married man (sorry, ladies) with a daughter and an adorable pooch named Geordi. My interests include video games, reading, listening to music, playing guitar, playin’ with yo-yos, juggling, and other random things.

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