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Fantastic Phrases

Words are wonderful things. They help us communicate with one another and offer us a wide range of ways to express various emotions. Occasionally, there comes along a phrase that is not only useful for communication, but is also fun to say in and of itself. The shape and taste of the syllables that form from certain combinations can be very palatable. Below I list my top 3 phrases that I love to say for the sheer experience of saying them. I encourage you to say them out loud as you read them. Using your “head voice” doesn’t do them justice. It’s all about the physical movements of the tongue and lips that make these phrases delectable.

3. “Edited it.” – I equate this phrase with the verbal, non-onomatopoeia version of a machine-gun.

2. “Avocado Watercress” – The best part of this phrase for me is the transition between the two words; the “cado water” portion, although the two “C”s help round out the two words nicely. All in all, a fun thing to say, and number 2 on my list of all time favorite phrases.

1. “Skeletal Metal Elephants.” – My favorite phrase of all time, this phrase has an amazing use of the letter “L” that doesn’t leave you tongue-tied, but instead rolls off your mouth like it was meant to be said in this way, and this way only.

I hope you enjoy saying these things as much as I do, even if you don’t really have use for them in your everyday conversations.